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Understanding our early attachment patterns

Our early bonds shape how we connect. When these bonds are insecure, it can lead to attachment issues impacting relationships and self-esteem. Your attachment style informs the way you relate to other people, to yourself, to your work, and relationships. So many struggles’ people face lead back to their attachment style, which is formed in infancy. You may feel co-dependent, clingy, and needy with partners, friends, Or you may struggle to connect with others, find it easiest to withdraw into yourself, and avoid emotions. These patterns affect the way we relate in relationships during both easy and challenging moments. 

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How to listen and be heard

During communication there is a listener and the speaker, two people in the conversation and it’s important that there is a shared responsibility in both the listening and the delivery of it. Don’t stay silent as a listener, listen attentively, don’t interrupt when the other person is speaking, but when there is a need for clarification then do jump in and as there can be a lot of information overload from the speaker, do interrupt when there is a pause, staying silent for a long time doesn’t make the speaker feel heard.

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